3000 years old
Ayurvedic Remedies,

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All Natural

Handpicked natural herbs from the wild and unexplored forests are blended and refined at a state-of-the-art facility to create 100% Natural Ayurvedic supplements & tonics.

Sleep & Live Stress-free

Diabetes Care

Testosterone Booster

Build Solid Immunity

Workout Longer & Better

Healthy Menstrual Cycles

Totally Natural

Herbs handpicked from the wild

No Chemicals

Certified and processed without chemicals at any stage

No Caffeine

No addictions and better energy than espresso shots

No Sugar

100% Sugar-free and still very flavourful

No Side-effects

Absolutely safe and healthy to consume

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You don't have to take our word for it.

Best all Natural Preworkout formula -  I have been using Preworkout formulas for years now..and ive finally found one that actually stands up to its claims...and the Best part is that its All Natural. If you are serious about improving your strength and endurance....BLACK THUNDER ACTIVE IS THE PRODUCT... Very easy yo use..just mix 15-20ml in half a glass of water and have it 30mims before your workout.

Deepa Sapre

superb!! do yourself a favour and start using it asap - what an intelligent product..totally natural with wonderful ingredients to get you going at your peak level in all aspects..well been using it as pre workout..left those artificial harmful stimulants/supplements and can totally feel more strength, being active all day long..so yea..loved it..ordered it again..

Prashant S.

Excellent natural supplement. Black Thunder Active has helped me to improve my stamina and strength during workout as well as in daily life physical activities. I see noticeable change. Also, my energy levels are well sustained throughout the day without any dip. I am on my second bottle will be ordering the 3rd one soon. Excellent natural supplement.

Avii Gill

Best natural preworkout Supplemnt must try worth it….Best natural supplement to boost your performance…i m writing this review after using product for 10 days… it gives you energy to train longer and recover faster.. must try everyone You will feel difference yourself.


Excellent - Served the purpose for which it was bought . Not like other products where you fail to see any effect the moment you stop using it .So I use it only for a few days in a week. The cost is on the higher side but I am happy it is effective.

Mathew Jacob Purackal

Common Queries


These are not substitutes for Food

Ubalance Naturals are used as a supplement to your diet, but they are never be used in the place of real food.


When can I start to see some results?

Well, once you add these supplements to your daily routine, depending on your current lifestyle and heath condition, you will feel the change in your breathing, digestive health, energy levels and moods within 3-7 days, when taken as recommended.


Can I continue to take other supplements like protein powder, along with Ubalance Supplements?

Yes, you can continue, as Ubalance Naturals supplement don’t replace proteins or your normal meals.


How long do I need to take these supplements?

Since these supplements are natural boosters and your organs become more active as they start to get more nutrients, you will start feeling the changes in your body and mind over a period of time and you would know when to move into a maintenance mode.

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