7 Chakras

7 चक्र

Restore Inner balance

“Balance your hormones and align your chakras, for a balanced life”


Hormones released by the Endocrine system serve as a complex system of checks and balances within the body and are instrumental in maintaining the level of equilibrium required to survive. The 7 Chakras are aspects of consciousness and interact with the physical body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system. 

When you feel tension in your consciousness, you feel it in the Chakra associated with that part of your consciousness experiencing the stress, and in the parts of the physical body associated with that Chakra. When the tension continues over a period of time, or to a particular level of intensity, the person creates a symptom on the physical level. 

This is why the Hormonal and Chakra balance is so worthy of our attention and care.

Ayurveda and 7 Chakras have a long history for healing, balancing and solving physical, physiological and spiritual problems.


Balancing the “Vata”, which governs the nervous and endocrine systems, which gets provoked by our fast-paced and stress-filled lives.

Buffer the body against weakness, fatigue, and overwhelm.

Nourish the prana and offer a natural source of energy and alertness without caffeine or stimulants.

Kindle “Agni” without aggravating pitta, and actually helps clear excess heat and intensity from the system.

Manage physical and emotional wellbeing

Root Chakra is associated with Adrenal Gland, Sacral Chakra with Ovaries and Testes, Solar Plexus with Pancreas and Heart chakra with Thymus. 

Improper function of these glands, result in hormonal imbalance which manifest as digestive issues like heartburn, constipation, indigestion, bladder or colon issues, muscle and bone weakness, joint pains, weight issues, skin problems, reproductive issues, blood sugar management, asthma and respiratory issues, at physical level.

When these Hormones and Chakras are balanced and in alignment, the energy they bring in, results in strengthening the lymphatic and circulatory systems, reproductive organs, bladder, kidney, and large intestines, knees, hips and ankles. You feel grounded and secure both physically and emotionally.


Aloe vera





Promote healthy gut and intestinal function, stimulate peristalsis and aid elimination.

A rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, supports healthier skin.

Manage arthritis pain, bone health and manage blood sugar levels due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Protect liver, prevent dehydration, prevent ulcers and provide relief from heartburn.

Strengthen the core systems for a more energetic you.

Nourish the neuromuscular system

The Throat Chakra is associated with Thyroid gland, the Third Eye Chakra with Pituitary gland and the Crown Chakra with Pineal gland. 

When the functioning of these glands is compromised, leading to hormonal imbalance and blockage of energy flow, it manifests as weakness and lethargy, issues with coordination, neck and shoulder pain, issues of mouth, throat or sight, headaches, brain fog, impaired clarity and alertness and weakness of the muscles. 

When these chakras are balanced and in alignment, the energy they bring may help in strengthening the neuromuscular system, prevent respiratory ailments, bring mental clarity and alertness and keep the nervous system strong and healthy.



Tulsi leaf




Offer deep support to both the brain and the nervous system.

Calm the nerves while improving concentration, intelligence, mental health, and emotional stability.

Manage stress and anxiety and prevent damage to the neuromuscular system.

Support in clearing toxins, help restore balance in the Doshas and strengthen the immune system.

Manage speech conditions and improve speech.

De-stress and rejuvenate

Each hormone in the body has an optimal level in order to maintain hormonal balance. When there is a rise in cortisol as a result of high amounts of stress, other hormones such as thyroid stimulating hormone, insulin, and sex hormones may deplete. While raised cortisol does no harm to the body in the short term, prolonged or high levels of stress can lead to hormone imbalance, which can in turn lead to other conditions in the body like reproductive issues, sleep issues, stress and anxiety etc.







Offers strength, resiliency, and tone to the neuromuscular system, helping the body to cope better with all types of stress.

Help reduce stress and balance the neurotransmitters in the brain, due to it being anti- inflammatory and a great antioxidant.

Help manage side effects of chronic stress such as a weakened immune system or an unbalanced metabolic activity.

Support nervous system in restoring a sense of equilibrium, especially when it has been overtaxed, undernourished or especially stressed.

Helps open the root chakra, crown chakra and heart chakra.

Contains Natural Essentials

Each 10ML has

Triphala (Emblica officinalis)

As per scientific studies, more than 70% of the Immunity system is located in the gut. Hence, keeping our gut healthy and intestines clean, is important for physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

“Triphala” represents an essential foundational formulation which promotes efficient digestion, absorption, elimination, and rejuvenation. 

A mild bowel cleanser, it is known to promote liver function, boost immunity, help in detoxification and weight management, improve skin texture, promote oral health, improve eye health, control hairfall and promote hair growth. 

It has anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

Triphala has 3 main ingredients- Haritaki, Bhibhitaki, Amlaki and is a rich source of polyphenols, vitamin C and flavonoids

It helps balance the Root Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Aloe Vera Ras (Aloe barbadensis miller)

Being water dense and rich in phytonutrients, it’s an ideal way to prevent or treat dehydration and manage electrolyte balance. Known to help improve intestinal function, stimulate peristalsis and aid elimination. A rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that may help repair and protect the skin, give relief from heartburn and prevent ulcers, help detox and maintain liver health, manage weight and cholesterol levels.

Aloe vera contains 75 potentially active constituents: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids. Vitamins: It contains vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E, which are antioxidants. It also contains vitamin B12, folic acid, and choline.

Aloe Vera helps to balance the Root Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Kokum Ext. (Garcinia indica)

Kokum is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. 

It is known for its weight management properties by reducing the production of fatty acids and suppressing appetite, reducing acidity and helping in managing and preventing gastric ulcers; is hydrating and cooling; helps manage the blood sugar levels and manage liver health; helps manage heart health and stress and anxiety.

Kokum is packed with many essential vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, potassium and zinc. It also contains a good amount of folic acid, ascorbic acid, acetic acid and fiber.

Kokum helps to balance Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra.

Tulsi Leaf (Ocimum sanctum)

Tulsi, also known as “Sacred Holy Basil” and ‘Queen of Herbs’ is traditionally used to promote health throughout the entire body.

It is a great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and is known to reduce stress and balance the neurotransmitters in the brain. Hence it also comes in handy when treating chronic stress side effects, such as a weakened immune system or an unbalanced metabolic activity.

It invites awakening, awareness and balance to the chakra centers (especially the Crown Chakra), forming a deep spiritual connection and the union of the heart and mind to bestow love and devotion.

It supports cardiac health and digestive health, manages skin issues, blood impurities, chest pain, respiratory disorders, oral health, eye infections, and helps manage fever and pain.

Tulsi leaves are rich in vitamins A, C and K and minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium and chlorophyll. It also has a good amount of protein and fiber.

Giloy stem (Tinospora cordifolia)

Also known as “Amrita” which literally means “the root of immortality” because of its abundant medicinal properties which has been used since ages in Ayurvedic remedies. Its benefits and uses have even been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA)”.

It is a powerhouse of antioxidants which might help fight free-radicals, keep the cells healthy and get rid of diseases. It is known to help improve Gut health and immunity, manage arthritis pain and bone health, protect liver, is neuroprotective, help manage blood sugar levels and prevent respiratory ailments, is good for skin and for alleviating fever.

It has Calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and manganese along with Vitamin A and C. Giloy is rich in antioxidants like ascorbic acid, lycopene and carotene.

Giloy helps to balance the Root Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Directions to Use


15 ml twice a day with 1/3rd cup of water or as directed by the physician. Keep a gap of at-least 30 minutes from the meals.

  • Shake well before use.
  • Store in a cool & dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Consume within one month from the opening of the lid.
  • Do not purchase if the bottle is puffed or leaked.

*Being a natural product, slight variation in color, taste & flavor may occur.


Not to be consumed by pregnant women. If you are suffering from any medical condition, breast feeding mother or a child, please consult a physician before use.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure any disease.

*Results may vary depending on your current lifestyle and health condition.